Monday, 8 August 2016

Pearls of Wisdom - Number 4 Live like Spring

If you want a fresh, brand new, shiny feeling when you go about your days (and who doesn't want to feel this way right?) then embracing this season is the key to success!

But what exactly does it mean to live like...Spring?!

Dress like a daffodil in yellow?
Eat piles and piles of Easter Eggs?
Visit your local farmer and offer to help with lambing season maybe?

Well no, that's not quite what I had in mind and I'm sure Lily didn't either!

So what am I going on about when I say live like Spring then? 

I want you to sit quietly for a minute and think about spring and what it means to you, what colours, sounds and noises do you think of? How do you feel when you think of this new season, what do you most look forward to when the weather and clocks change and the nights start to get lighter?

All these things - they are your essence of Spring and how they make you feel and what thoughts and dreams they create in you is how you should live like Spring. When it's a shitty day, when everything seems black or dull and boring or miserable in life, sit for a few minutes, breath, think of Spring and let those thoughts run through you.

When someone makes you feel bad, do something bright and cheerful to lift you up!
When a situation seems so very bleak and it its most stormiest, encourage yourself to blossom and grow from it.
When you feel stuck in a rut and can't see a way forward, find some time to step back and grow some new ideas or nourish some old ones that can help give you that push.
Bored, tired or low - grow some new dreams and goals!

Also Spring is the time when we get outside, enjoy natures new bounty and spend time with people we love so don't forget to include friends family and pets in to your live like Spring way of life.

OK I know what you're saying - it's impossible to feel bright and fresh every day, sometimes we just feel blah. Well this is true, we all have those days, especially me, when the thought of bouncing around like the Easter Bunny when I'd rather just crawl under the duvet just makes me feel overwhelmed, I get it, I really do, but guess what? Spring brings April showers too! So if you really are feeling a bit wet and miserable the give yourself permission to dive in to bed and just watch movies and eat popcorn or snuggle on the sofa with the babes watching Peppa Pig on repeat (the parent version of a duvet day!) with coffee in hand and just chill, accept where you are, push your metaphorical umbrella up and take cover until that stormy feeling passes, but promises me this, you'll write yourself a little note while you do it about all the bright, fresh and shiny ways you are going to live like Spring tomorrow!

Take a look at the Live like Spring Pinterest board for some bright, breezy inspiration!

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