Monday, 8 August 2016

Her Wisdom - Fritha Strickland

I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely lady who appears in today's Her Wisdom series a few years ago for a chat about blogging and motherhood over a Starbucks. Fritha lives in Bristol with her boyfriend, is mum of two, writes her ever popular award winning blog Tigerlily Quinn and is a professional illustrator who has worked with some big brands. 

Question 1
How do you start your day? Can you tell us more about the first 3 things you have to do to get your day started?

I start my day by my two year old shouting from his bedroom that the yellow sun has come up and he is allowed out of bed (thanks to the grow clock!) he then bundles into our beds and Tom (my boyfriend) heads downstairs to make the morning cup of tea and marmite toast. This is actually my favorite time of day out of our whole day. There is no better way to bring a smile to your face at 6.30am!
Question 2 
Share your favourite piece of wisdom and why it means something to you.

My mum once snuck a card under my bedroom door after my first love broke my heart. It said 'believe in you, I do, it's true'. It was really out of character for my mum to do so it meant that much more. It was a good reminder that I should always believe in myself. 

Question 3 
What is your go to thing for comfort when it all gets to much?

When I feel overwhelmed sitting down and talking it all through with Tom really helps but things in perspective. If that fails there is always wine.

Question 4
Who are the women that inspire you?

My mum inspires me although we are very different and want quite different things in life. She always taught me that being kind and conscious were the most important things in life and both my parents give little value to material items which gave me a good stead for not becoming materialistic myself I think. A blogger that inspires me is Elsie from A Beautiful Mess, I have followed her blog for years and love that with hard work and believing in your dreams you can make anything happen!  

Question 5
How do you see yourself and what makes up your sense of identity?  

How I see myself after becoming a mum is so different to how I saw myself prior to motherhood. I think it's given me such confidence and has made me self assured, I have everything I've ever wanted now!

Question 6
Do you have a favorite dish or recipe that makes you feel good or gives you a much needed boost?

Mac and Cheese every time..although it doesn't give me boost, more just comfort mmm!

Question 7
What's challenging you right now?

My toddler breaking down as the car we passed was too blue? Oh terrible twos!

Question 8 
Tell us more about your latest or next project.

I'm working with the Huffington Post and HomeSense at the moment with a really exciting project. I got to re-do a reader's living space which was really fun!

You can catch up with Fritha here..
Twitter: Tigerlilyquinn
Instagram: tigerlilyquinn
Pinterest: Tigerlily Quinn
Facebook: Tigerlily Quinn

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