Monday, 31 October 2016

Capturing Confidence - Part 1

In this post I'm talking about confidence — what is it? Where does it come from? What affects it and how can we get more? If you find yourself needing a little boost lately you've come to the right place...

Through my day job I get to communicate with a lot of women who are sharing the ups and downs of their life and one of the big things that has stood out to me recently is that so many women want to make positive changes in their life — they are craving for some kind of turn around — but one of their biggest personal barrier is their lack of confidence in going out in to the world and executing those changes, they know what would help them make a difference but they feel too unworthy to follow through.

I wanted to dig a little deeper on this so I created a quick survey about confidence — what boosts it, what areas in life fall short, what would help and what could be achieved if we felt more confident, I invited people to take part in this survey through my social media channels and I have to say I was pretty surprised by the answers!

Around a third of you told me you would be more social in your life if you had more confidence, several of you said you would start a new business or explore a new idea or build on your education. A quarter of you told me that more confidence would improve your relationship with your friends, family and partners and 1in 5 confessed that a boost in confidence would encourage you to feel better about your appearance and take care of your body better.

Almost all of you shared that feeling more confident would mean you would worry less and feel happier!

It seems there are some really major areas of our lives that are being forfeited because of the dent in our self esteem, to me it shows how isolating a lack of confidence can be and what a big part it plays in women getting the best out of their lives — something needs to change here, don't you agree?

So what are these toxic parasites in our lives that are sucking all our confidence away then? Here's what you shared:

  • Appearance, weight and body image
  • Scared or anxious of doing something new
  • Large groups, meeting new people and social situations
  • Work or job role
  • What others think 
  • Achieving new goals
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Looking after your house or running a home
  • Finances and spending habits 
  • Relationships with family and friends
  • Faith in your own abilities and success
Do you recognise any of these in yourself?

Once you can identify what is affecting your confidence and self esteem levels you can finally start tacking it, however for many this is no easy task and a stumbling block that many people face. Making a change, instilling new habits, embracing a new attitude and practicing a new outlook can be scary and overwhelming, if you're a natural worrier it's extremely difficult to put yourself out there or let go the things that bother you. 

Imagine though for a second what your life would look like if you had more confidence, you know all the things that I mentioned before about what you would do more of? Wouldn't it be great to really experience all that in your life?

One of my favourite sayings is... If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten — basically to see a change, you have to make the change, which means doing something different and guess what? Change doesn't have to be as scary as it seems!

Ok so how do we do this then?

Well, next week I'm going to you give a mini wisdom guide on how to build up and capture your confidence with tips, ideas and tricks that you can easily implement, links to other sites that are full of information and support, recommendations on books and podcasts and some inspirational people to follow, who can inspire you to push your boundaries  sounds exciting yes? Join me for Part 2 then and get ready to start feeling more confident and start living life your way.

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