Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Pearls of Wisdom - Number 9 Capturing Confidence

How do you want to end this year?

What feeling do you want to remember when you leave 2016?

Hope, strength, anticipation?

I'm choosing all of these, and more because you can never feel too much right? You can never allow yourself to reflect or dream or plan too much because this is what life is made up of and it's healthy to allow yourself a big dose emotional thinking that paves the way for better things to come.

Through these last few months I've taken a journey through the world of self confidence, I've put together a survey, complied the results and written a few blog posts that reflected what I found and how you can boost your own self confidence, you can read more about this here and here.

I've challenged my own beliefs and perceptions around my confidence levels, I set myself high hope and goals in areas that I am still learning about by taking my own photos for my blog posts and creating a Facebook group for ladies who want to continue to grow their confidence journey — why not come on over and join us?

Next year I want to take things to the next level and I am starting my 2017 dream list and will continue to scribble away and mastermind those dreams, goals and wishes over the next few weeks, these will be my hopes for the coming year and they will fall into some sort of plan. Doesn't it seems like New Years Resolutions get a lot of stick these days? It's too uncool to make them anymore apparently so I'm going with a vision board instead and you check it out at the bottom of this page, if you want to find out more about how I created this one on Pinterest, the inspiration that I used to put it together and how you can create your own then come on over and join my Capturing Confidence Facebook Group
There I'll also be sharing tips, ideas and hacks on how to get the year off to a confident start!

So what about you then? Do you like to dream up new adventures or plans for the coming year, are you going to set your sights on doing something positive, challenging or exciting for 2017?

For some the idea of this seems scary and you may feel that some of your dreams or visions seem too big...

Will I dream big? Oh Yes!

Am I scared about achieving those dreams? Oh Yes!

What if it fails? What if it goes wrong?
What if I don't get it right the first time or they don't turn out as I'd expected?
What if everyone thinks they're silly, or unachievable or just plan crazy?!

What. if, what if, what if......

OK, we could be here all day if I continue with this because there are a lot of what if's, buts or maybes floating about and really I don't want that negative chatter floating about in my head or holding me back, I know it's them, i see it, I hear it but you know what?

I don't care...

I'm just going to go for it anyway...

Perhaps what I plan will fail, but I will learn.
Maybe people won't like what I do or think I'm crazy, but then they're just not my tribe.
I expect a lot of them won't turn out as I thought they would be, but that's OK, because something different will always bring you something, fresh, new and maybe, even exciting!

I'm growing my confidence and I'm taking that journey into next year... 
I do hope you will join me!

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