Monday, 2 January 2017

Pearls of Wisdom - Number 10 Welcoming in the New

H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R !!

So, are you easing yourself into this new week, month and year with grace and spirit? Are you feeling motivated, or deflated?

New Year can spark so many feelings in people, personally I love the promise of new beginnings and a chance to detox in all areas of my life, as I wrote in my last post, I feel empowered and motivated by creating resolutions, setting intentions, planning out goals and writing a dream list. Experience has taught me that not all my intentions work out though, and not all my goal or dreams come to fruition, because that's life, it's not perfect and its inevitable that some things just won't go our way, so I keep this in mind as I journey through each year and look with eyes wide open to see what becomes reality and what mistakes or negativities that pops up along the way that I can learn from and this way I don't feel pressured or let down but the idea or goals I mastermind in January. 
So do you feel like setting some intentions or resolutions yourself? Because self improvement and self investment are never, ever a bad thing and as I said, if they don't go plan there's always a chance to learn something!

Now, if you are feeling ready, here are 3 alternative ideas to traditional resolution, just to shake things up a bit - I love different perspectives on things don't you?!

M A N I F E S T  W I T H   M E D I T A T I O N 

January is a popular month to detox — your body, your home, relationships or any negativity that's disrupting your life. Meditating or practicing mindfulness thinking can help you to eliminate toxins in all shapes and sizes — think habits, food, clutter, friends — and give you a space to set new intentions, and practiced regularly can really make a big impact on how you think and feel.

Here are some guides that I've found useful on how to get started 

R E S O L U T I O N  B U D D Y 

This is such a fun way to make some changes and have some support along the way! Think one or two people in your life who have positive impact or lift you and ask them to be your resolution buddy. Start this off by arranging a coffee, drinks or dinner date where you can relax and talk with few interruptions and share your intentions and goals for the new year ahead, ask them to support you and tell them how they can best do this. Last of all arrange or agree to meet up regularly, this can be weekly, monthly or even every few months to reflect on how you are getting on, and you can encourage them to do the same with you too!

C R E A T E  A  V I S I O N 

This is something I did last year and I am doing it again this year. I have created my board on Pinterest and if you haven't read my post from last week you can read here and go have a little look at what I have come up with. You don't have to use Pinterest though, you could create one with a template in Canva or you can do one the old fashioned way with cutting out and sticking photos from magazines etc.

I really hope this has given you some inspiration, be bold and take a picture of you setting your new intentions and resolutions and tag me in on your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, alternatively you can leave a comment below and share what you have created, so get to it!

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