Monday, 22 May 2017

Capturing Confidence - Top 5 to follow on Instagram

People often tell me that confidence is inspired and generated by the people around them -  giving a compliment, supporting them in a change or new venture, or motivating them to step up and find their own brave.

I whole heartedly agree and identify with this as time's gone by my own confidence levels have soared and grown partly due to others around me. I'm often inspired to push my boundaries or try something new when I watch others do the same, there's nothing like a great support network to help nurture you and cheer you on as you grow!

So today I'm sharing with you 5 ladies I follow on Instagram who have inspired and motivated me in boosting my own confidence levels, I know you will love following them as much as I do.

Helen always has fashion advice that's fun, stylish and affordable, not only does she give suggestions on how to wear different items in your wardrobe but knows about trends, colours and wear to buy everything you could need to feel good about yourself. She's down to earth and totally relatable, and always happy to share tips and inspiration when you feel stuck in closet dilemma!

Lizzie has navigated many a parenting crisis and has days where the stresses and strains of family life overwhelm her but she always knows how to bounce back with a smile! She understands the ups and downs of being a mum while trying to forge a career, run a house and live out her passions. Her sweet, kind and cheerful nature will always have you feeling better about yourself!

Jemma is passionate about investing in her well being and inspiring others to do the same. She sets a healthy and realistic example of how to eat well, keep your body moving and manage the balance between both. She uplifts and shines her light through everything she does and she'll leave you feeling the same way.

Emine knows a lot about self care, her focus on mind, body and spirit is like a tonic for your soul. She has a beautiful way of reflecting on life that inspires you to do the same for yours and encourages you to put a positive spin on the bad, let go of what you can't control and be confident about putting self care first. She has knowledge, insight and encouragement for anyone who's wanting to connect to a deeper part of who they are.

Sophie's loveable and down to earth spirit and enthusiasm for building businesses or following a career path that serves you is infectious, she knows how to coax the best out of you and believes that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. She'll have you finding your brave and having your dreams in no time, and believe me you'll feel totally at home doing so with her!

I hope you've enjoyed getting to know them all, don't forget to click through on the names and go and say hello, and if you don't have an Instagram account yet well following these 5 ladies is a good reason to get started! And remember you can also follow me here.

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