Monday, 30 October 2017

Crystal Wisdom - Autumn Favourites

Do you think that crystals are all woo woo or new age crazy?

Or do you think they're enchanting, vibrating pieces of beauty?

Well, I'm definitely a crystal lover and as my collection has grown I've been sharing more of them on Instagram and many of my followers have expressed a desire to know more! Now I'm no expert on crystals, or healing and meditating with them, but I'm absolutely drawn to them. In the last two years, since I've started to gather these little rocks of wonder, I have been learning how to use them as part of my self care practice and I'm also about to start a course in crystal healing too.

So today I just wanted to share with you the 4 crystals I'm using this season to keep my vibrations lifted and to feel comforted, after all autumn is the season for feeling cosy, relax and at home with yourself. It's also the time when the year is drawing to a close, goals and aspirations for the last 12 months may be still lingering and it often feels like there's a last minute push to get things done.

Fire Agate

This piece was gifted to me recently and I'm so glad to add it to my collection, known for protection both physically and emotionally having this crystal by my side feels reassuring as the winter months draw closer. Fire Agate also very grounding helping to channel strength and courage as well as focusing on your purpose, increases creativity and expression and promotes  guidance in taking positive action.


Known as the stone of abundance and prosperity, its perfect for manifesting success and creativity or starting a new project or venture. It's the stone you want beside you if you run your own business. It can help with confidence, clarity, drawing luck to your side and deflecting negativity. My piece of citrine is one of my most favourite in my collection, it feels like an old friend keeping me company and watching over me and I often carry it with me in my pocket.


Another crystal that was gifted to me recently, Carnelian just feels so right for me to use over the coming month. It has a warm aura about it and its very good for grounding and anchoring yourself in the present. This stone is perfect for promoting ambition, determination and endurance, it can help with achieving goals and particularly good for communication, vocal clarity and speaking your truth, plus it's one of the go to crystals for sexual connection conception and fertility too!

Rainbow Fluorite

I just love having this crystal by around me lately, deflecting negativity and inducing calm its great for being organised, focused and alert. Its great for bringing about more productivity and creativity as well as helping to gain clarity when moving forward or taking a new course of action. My Rainbow Fluorite currently lives on our mantel piece close close to my desk as its know to reduce electromagnetic radiation from screens.

So these are my go to crystals for the next few weeks, I've been told that Rose Quartz is also a great crystal to pair with any of them but especially Carnelian to amplify connection and intimacy in relationships — generally I will use them to meditate with, set intentions with or carry about with me to inspire or manifest something specific. I cleanse them in cold water every month and they get a little charge outside when it's a full moon! So there you go, I hope you've enjoyed reading a bit about one of my self care practices and how I use my crystals for this, if you have any questions leave a comment below and feel free to share any of your holistic self care rituals too.

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