Monday, 4 December 2017

Her Wisdom - Chloe Brotheridge

Meet Chloe Brotheridge, she's a hypnotherapist, anxiety expert and author of The Anxiety Solution: a Quieter Mind, a Calmer You and she's this months HER WISDOM feature. Earlier this year Chloe ran a completion on her Instagram to win a copy of her book and I was the lucky winner! I have to say that this has been my go to book for comfort and support ever since it arrived. Whenever that anxiety starts to creep in I dive back into Chloe's book for wisdom and clarity on my feelings, plus there's lot's of little self help exercises that have also helped me along the way, for me it's a must for anyone struggling with their anxiety. Now Chloe's shares with us what her home comforts are and some where her wisdom come's from.

How do you begin your day? What are the first 3 things you need to do to get your day started? 
I meditate first thing for between 20-50 minutes depending on how much time I have and how motivated I'm feeling. Then I drink a hot chocolate (made with almond milk and stevia - so good!), and I journal - writing a stream of consciousness, a gratitude list and intentions for the day.

Share your favourite piece of wisdom and why it means something to you.
When I was super stressed and working two jobs and telling myself 'I didn't have time to meditate' my Grandma said to me 'The time to enjoy life is now'. It reminded me to put happiness first and not put it off for another day.

What is your go to thing for comfort when it all gets too much? 
Chocolate brownies, 80's music and hot baths with aromatherapy.

Who are the women that inspire you? 
I like Michelle Obama I think she's wise, kind and also a bit of a badass. Byron Katie is one of my favourite spiritual teachers, and she's so loving that I often cry when I listen to her audiobooks. 

How do you see yourself and what makes up your sense of identity?  
What a hard question! I see myself as primarily a friend, daughter, sister and girlfriend. Then a therapist and writer. Imperfect human being, doing their best?

Do you have a favourite dish or recipe that makes you feel good or gives you a much-needed boost?
Pasta and pesto have been my favourite food since I was about 6 and it's seriously comforting. I also love broccoli - can't get enough!

What does confidence mean to you, what builds yours? 
Belief in myself and my abilities. The main thing that builds my confidence is doing things that scare me and then learning through doing that I can do the scary thing. Then it becomes less scary next time, and my confidence grows. I also think it's important to spend time with people who lift you up and who you can be yourself with.

What's challenging you right now?
I'm in the process of rebalancing right now - I'd let work become the priority and forgotten that it should be self-care. I'm getting back on track though!

Tell us more about your latest or next project.
I'm on the verge of starting a Calmer You podcast. 

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