Monday, 29 January 2018

Wisdom and Wellbeing - Feel Good Finds

Since becoming a mum I have realised even more how important it is to take care of yourself, not just physically but mental and spiritually too!

When you feel good inside your own skin, treated your mind and body well and done something positive for yourself then you are in a much better position to give back to the world and give your life all the attention and energy it needs to feel good.

This is so important and goes for all of us, not just parents but for anyone, we will all function better day to day if we give our minds and bodies a chance to be nourished and refuelled.

So what have you been doing lately to achieve this?

Well if you're looking for some inspiration here's what been helping me to feel good over the last few weeks...

This book is from make up artist Laurey Simmons and is full of wonderful rituals you can use daily incorporating crystals, essential oils, the moon cycles and what we find in nature. Laurey talks about how beauty starts from within by nourishing your wellbeing from the inside out and creating a sacred place for yourself. In the book she talks about her love of beauty and her own personal wellbeing journey and goes on to guide the reader through feel good rituals which can be made as simple as you like.

Definitely a must-read for anyone wanting to learn more about self care including working with crystals, oils for a beauty ritual at home and incorporating them into their daily life. 

As I get older my body is showing my little signs that it's not as robust and invincible as I always assumed it would be! One of my big regrets now is that I didn't start taking care of it earlier and through my 20's and most of my 30's I took my health and my body's ability to function for granted, and I certainly didn't treat it very well at times.

Now I'm changing all that, I have to if I want to stay strong, healthy and be able to keep up with my children, and speaking of my children it's important for me to set them good examples of being fit and healthy too so I'm now on a mission to make some positive changes and the first one is starting with my feet.

I had reflexology regularly a few years ago when I was suffering with secondary infertility. Not only did it help me with getting pregnant (with triplets, naturally!) it also served as a sacred time for me to unwind and relax my body as well as investing in it's overall health. Each time I was able to shut mind off and refocus my thoughts and just enjoy some space for me with no commitments to anything else.

So now I'm having reflexology again, because we have moved to a new city since I last had my treatments I asked around for some recommendations and have connected with the most loveliest woman who's local to me. If you're considering reflexology for yourself I would advise you do a bit of research first and ask around too for recommendations through friends, work colleagues or a local facebook group.

One of my colleagues sent me this oil as a Christmas present and it's been great when I've felt really stressed. I am a big fan of the doTERRA oils but it was fun to try a different brand. It's in a handy slim rollerball bottle and I can pop it in my pocket or bag to take with me if needed. This oil has been lovely to use when feeling a bit stressed or strung out and my big girl has also tested it out at bedtime too to help her relax and drift off to sleep!

My husband is the one who got me onto this, it's the only thing thats every help his skin when it gets dry and itchy over the winter. I've been slathering it on after a shower lately, it's has a rich feeling without being too greasy which is perfect, especially for younger skin and again I've been testing it out with my girls who both suffer with dry rough skin on their arms and it's worked wonders, it's a full family recommendation from us all!

Drinking more water

I am the worst at drinking water! I love coffee far too much and although I do regulate how much of that I drink I'm not very good at pushing myself to drink more water instead! Two ways that have helped me recently are swapping out one of my cups of coffee for herbal tea.  I don't drink a lot of the regular stuff but love herbal and have really been enjoying Pukka Elderberry and Echinacea tea, it's really fruity and sweet tasting! Also I picked myself up a little glass water bottle from Tiger to fill and pop in my bag for when I'm out and about. Again my default is to grab coffee on the go so having this with me helps to stay hydrated more and save a few pounds - yay!

Hopefully you've found some new wellness inspiration here, let me know if you try any of these out. Just to let you know these are my personal recommendations and things I've been trying out, non of these products are sponsored by this post, just my love for what's been working for me lately, and if you have a great new find you've been using that's given you a positive
boost please share with me below in the comments!

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