Monday, 15 January 2018

Pearl of Wisdom Number 18 - Beating the Blues

So apparently today in Blue Monday - the day when we are most likely feel at our lowest post Christmas and feel the pressure of our finances, new years resolutions (if you made any) our lack of motivation with the rubbish weather thrown in too.

Although it turns out that Blue Monday was originally a publicity stunt devised by a travel company over 10 years ago the day still gets much attention each and every year since.  

Regardless though of whether there is a special day to mark this feeling or not, many people right now may be feeling the January Blues for all sorts of reason, and not just on one specific day.

So how are you doing now that all the crazy festivities are over and you're settled back to the old routine?

All good — or do you feel the lingering of post Christmas burn out?

If you made resolutions or intentions or set some goals that aren't quite working out then it's OK to shift them rehab them or scrap them completely, making a change is only positive if it's efforts and results are creating a better life for you. If they are something that is making you feel less than then it's OK to ditch them or alternative swap them out for something that does uplift you and leave you feeling good - change can be a challenge and that's good but it shouldn't leave you feeling so blue that you feel like a failure.

I get that money can be a problem right now, and that it can have a big impact on our mental health, especially in January so if this rings true for you this may be the point where you look at the issue and find some courage to tackle it head on. Financial issues only tend to get worse if left, ignoring the problem will not make it go away and imagine the relief you will feel when you start getting it sorted, that's going to be a great feeling and free up some of your mental energy to start feeling positive and enjoy life again.

For any financial issues I know the Money Advice Services can be brilliant and I've had a few friends use them in the past and have had that financial pressure taken away.

Now if motivation is your problem here well, you're not the only one!

I too am suffering with motivation or the lack of!

For me it's getting back into the habit of exercising and eat well, not because I want to look a certain way or fit back into my pre Christmas dress size (although it would be nice to not have the button pop on my jeans after one of my hubby's roast dinners!) Mainly for me it's about taking care of my health, I've noticed so much in the last few years going into being 40yo (ahem!) that my body feels more sluggish, stiff and weak all round and I still want to be able to keep up with our girls for the next 10 years and maximise my health for years to come.

My mental health is also effected by lack of exercise and the food I put into my body, I can see and feel a link between my gut health and how my mood plays out, how my hormones respond and motivation levels so taking care of my gut health means taking care of my mental health and this is something I want to spend some more time learning about this year.

So what can we all do about lack of motivation?

Take it easy on ourselves, one day at a time, you don't have to get it right or be perfect everyday!

I often find myself getting more motivated when I share my thoughts, ideas and worries with others, it helps me to reflect on them and expand on the problem and my reaction, or lack of action. Talking things out with other people also opens you up to new ideas or suggestions which might be just what you need to spark a new wave of motivation inside you — so give it a try!

Well, last of all what can I say about the weather?! These cold, dark and often wet mornings are often soul destroying and enough to make anyone feel blue. But we know they will change, we know that we are now heading towards spring where we will experience an explosion or colour and new life and then onto summer with lighter mornings and evenings, lunch breaks outside, bbq for dinner, drinks in the sun, summer sports, festival and tea parties, beach trips, flip flops and an abundance of Vitamin D! 

A good way to feel better about these dark, cold mornings is to shake up your routine and you can find more inspiration about morning routines here.

And if you don't believe you will get any lovely weather where you live then maybe now is the time to start dreaming of a trip to somewhere warm and sunny and devising yourself a little savings plan to make that dream come true...

What do you think about Blue Monday? Are you feeling it?
Let me know it the comments below :)

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