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Wisdom and Wellbeing -Travel Tips

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Traveling to new places and exploring the world can be so much fun however along side it often  comes issues like jet lag, digestion upset, catching a virus or feeling overwhelmed and anxious about the challenges you face traveling and experiencing a new place.

When I talk to other people it seems our self care practices often slip when we are away from home, I am guilty of this too and always end up feeling like I need another holiday just to get over my holiday!

So today on the blog I'm giving you some positive inspiration to maintain your wellbeing levels while you travel, whether you're staying for a one night work conference, a weekend getaway, a two week family holiday or a year long trip around the world I've got your covered!

The key is to keep things simple, by having a quick and easy self care plan in place it's so much more attainable and a few weeks ago on our trip to Dublin I had a little plan in place and road tested these ideas to see what happened and I have to say it really made such a difference!

Herbal Tablets/Probiotics - I took two probiotic tablets a day leading up to our trip, I had been feeling a little out of sorts the week before anyway so doubled up and then continued to take two more while we were there. My hubby did the same and I'm pleased to report that neither of us picked up any unwanted sniffles or tummy bugs!

5 Min Exercise - I don't know about you but when I go away I like to indulge in a few treats, think cocktails and doughnuts, which there was plenty of in Dublin! However my waistline suffers the week after AND I find I loose my motivation to exercise and a few treats on holiday spill into the following weeks! Of course no one really has time or inclination to complete a full on work out while staying in a hotel or wherever you are but a quick little routine is enough to get your body going in the morning and still keep that self care vibe going. You can find quick and easy exercise videos on You Tube for all types and levels of fitness so all you need is your phone!

Water Bottle - I am terrible at staying hydrated, I love coffee way, way too much BUT drinking water is must when you travel! Planes, trains and any other mode of transport can really dehydrate and cause havoc with our body and for me my skin breaks out into a crazy teen acne mess too - burgh! 

So before did anything in the airport we bought two big bottles of water, had a glass of water along side my glass of vino in the airport restaurant and we took advantage of the free bottles of water at reception when we checked into the hotel. Each day before we set out to explore the city we also got bottles of water first to take with us and bought more on our return journey home - and if you there's a water fountain somewhere, you know I'm gonna make use of that!

I also made sure I kept up the H20 intake in the following days after we got home, by far this is my biggest must do wellness tip when traveling.

Essential Oils - I've never remember to pack any oils when I've travelled before and always regretted it so this time I made it a priority, I really love doTERRA oils and I mixed peppermint and wild orange with a carrier oil in a little glass bottle with a roller ball top. Each morning I simply rolled a few drops on my wrists and behind my ears — where you would normally dab perfume — and popped it in my handbag to take with me incase I needed at pick me up through the day. Of course this isn't scientific research but I truly believed it helped me to stay more energised and boosted through out our stay.

Meditations/Relaxing Music - Generally I'm a good flyer but some people (like my poor mum!) are not so good and having some relaxing music or soothing meditations downloaded on your phone - my favourite meditation app in Insight - can really help with any anxieties. Because our flight to Dublin was a short one I did listen to a few podcasts and this really helped the time to go even quicker and drown out all the people travelling around me. Meditations and relaxing music can also help with getting off to sleep when you cross time zones and a morning meditation is a great way to start your day especially when you're traveling, and if you not able to exercise too.

So there you have it, my top tips for wellbeing when you travel. I will definitely be putting all these into place as much as I can the next time I travel — which one of them do you think would help you?

*This is not a sponsored post, all links to products and services are my personal preferences. 

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