Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Crystal Wisdom - Spring Favourites

March may not always feel very much like spring but it's now officially here with the spring equinox and as well as giving the house the usual seasonal cleanse I'm thinking about ways to spring clean my mind and body too.

One thing that I like to do as the seasons change is re-focus which crystals I'm using for self care and healing and match them up to the vibe of that particular season as well as what's going on in my life lately and this is something I'll be teaching about at the Mindful Mantra Collective Day Retreat next month. 

So today though I'm sharing with you my favourite crystals for spring:

Rose Quartz
This crystal is all about love and relationships, good for healing a broken heart or relationship trauma it's the one to turn to when you have a broken heart. Rose quartz can also give an extra special boost to your self love rituals filling you up with more compassion and forgiveness as well as sparking romance, passion and an extra boost to your fertility, this is a good crystal to keep right at your bedside.

Also good for attracting more love, vitality and a boost to your fertility Emerald is also great for a greater sense of balance, vitality and good health giving good mental clarity too. This crystal will help when wanting to seek out honesty for yourself and from others and gives protection when travelling, its would be the perfect crystal to carry when you visit new places.

Radiating an uplifting yellow the Citrine crystal is full of good vibes, it promotes luck and success and rids you of negative energy. It promotes new beginnings and is good to have around when you start a new project or venture and is very is well known for bring abundance into your life, it's the perfect crystal to manifest your dreams and desires with.

If you want to feel more nourished, soothed and calmed then Moonstone is the one to reach for. This crystal promotes wisdom and insight to help you seek out the deeper truth and is also good for protection and new beginnings. It's a strong feminine stone and can help to balance fertility, hormones and high emotions, this is a lovely crystal to help you feel more like a fertile goddess.

Because these crystals share some similar traits they are nice to pair together when meditating or creating manifestations for yourself.

For a simple and uplifting meditation for spring hold your chosen crystal in your hand while you sit or lie comfortably in a quiet space - if the weather is good find a nice spot outside - take three deep breaths and let the busy thoughts in your head float up to the sky, quiet your mind and imagine the colour of your crystal washing over you, think about what you want your crystal to help you feel and then imagine that feeling flowing through your body, taking root and grounding you into the earth.
Take three more deep breaths and open your eyes....

My favourite way to manifest with my crystals is to write out what that is - for example gaining clarity on a situation or approach a difficult situation with patiences and wisdom - I'll be really specific about the details too. Then to finish I'll write down a few things i'm feeling grateful for like the light mornings, the blossom on our fruit tree or the time spent playing outside with the children, things that have really touched me or made a difference lately. Then I fold the paper in half place the crystal I want to use on top, this stays on my bedside table (safely away from little fingers!) and I will look at it before bedtime each night until I find my manifestations have come to life.

Which crystal do you feel drawn to for spring?
Maybe one of the crystals I've chosen here or a different one?

How will you use them for spring?
Do let me know in the comments below or tag me on twitter or instagram.

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