Monday, 5 March 2018

Spring Clean for Your Mind Body + Soul

At this time of year we witness nature give birth to new, fresh life and we often feel inspired and motivated to clean our house and give our environment a bit of an overhaul.

But ever considered giving your mind and body a seasonal audit?

I think a little spring cleaning of yourself is just as important as cleaning out kitchen cupboards, washing curtains and descaling the shower head!! Dusting away cobwebs from the corners of your mind and body will do wonders for your confidence — when I feel good about myself I have more courage and motivation to positively move forward in my life.

So here's my guide to spring cleaning your mind and body:

Start with a little self assessment - as you would go through your house and have a look at what needs some attention do the same with your emotional, mental and physical health, what do you want to change?

Here's what you can ask yourself to get a good picture of what needs a bit of TLC:

  • How are you feeling lately? What's making you sad or upset, what's giving you joy or leaving you feeling uplifted? Take note of the things in life that are leaving you feeling a little off - could it be a toxic relationship or a friend who's become an energy vampire? Is there a current situation at work that's bothering you? Maybe your hormones are a bit out of whack?
  • Next turn your attention to your mental health and wellbeing, are you getting regular time to invest in yourself? Does your mood seem to be on a constant low? Do you find yourself feeling worried, anxious or obsessive about certain thing? Now make a note of what comes up. It's also worth thinking about your mind and how you want to grow because we're never to old to learn and evolve, is there a class you'd like to take or new skill you'd like to develop or a subject you'd like to learn more about? Or maybe this is the time embark on a new career? Oh and don't forget your finances too!
  • Finally have a think about your body, and I want you to do this in a positive manner. Is there anything that's been niggling you lately like aches or pains? Have you had a recent smear test or well woman check up? How does your skin look and feel? How does your body move? Are nourishing your body with what it needs or overindulging in things that your body doesn't like? Don't forget to consider things like hydration and water intake and getting enough sleep!
Ok, so now you've reflected on what's going on with you and pinpointed all the things you'd like to give a little refresh, its time to go to work!

First of all think about any thing you might need to help you spring clean yourself - you wouldn't go to work on your home without the right tools or products right?

- Do you need new fitness gear or work out clothes?
- Can you invest in a self help book or download some new mediations?
- What about picking out some new seasonal work wear?
- How about getting yourself a water bottle with a built in filter?

Its also good to think through anything you might need to start spring cleaning on yourself and go out get it, and it doesn't have to cost you money, think about how you can borrow or get preloved too.

Finally its time to take action, however I can guarantee you that you will be much more successful if you have a little plan in place to keep you motivated and on track, and I have to confess I do this for spring cleaning my house too!!

Now your plan doesn't have to super detailed or elaborate, in fact I've created a simple worksheet to help you get all of this down. Its split into 4 sections, the first 3 gives you a space to jot down your findings from assessing your emotional, mental and physical needs. Then the final section is a space to write down what your next steps will be and then you can keep this somewhere safe to refer back to whenever you need to, click here to download and print off your worksheet.

When making your spring clean plan think about what you're going to do to refresh yourself, are you going to find about local classes? Try a new hair colour or morning routine? Maybe you need to make a Dr's appointment to review a treatment plan or get your blood tested? Maybe it's asking someone to help out with your workload or childcare? Or it could be as simple as trying out some new dinner recipes or a new route to work, or even just taking on the seasonal mood and living like spring - whatever you decide be brave and don't be scared to shake things up a bit in life - remember this is the season to rebirth yourself, your ideas, dreams and wellbeing!

So now its time to get cleaning - get in touch and let me know how you get on!

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