Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Your Self Care Bedside Set Up...

Are you someone who wants to incorporate more self care time into your day but feels like you don't have any space in your daily routine?

Well, today I'm talking about a bedside set up for self care because you can easily make more time for a little loving on yourself (in the self care kinda way!) if you have your bedside table set up right! 

To make over the space at the side of your bed you can use stuff that you may already have at home, or if you feel like investing in a few new feel good items I'll make a some recommendations of my favourites at the bottom of this post - so lets get started!


So before you start curating what self care items you want at your bedside you need to look at the space they're going to live in. What position is your bed in — does it work for you? Do you have a table at the side of your bed? If so do you like it?

For some good energy flow in your bedroom it's important to not have your bed directly facing the door or have a load of junk or clutter under it too, you can find more tips and ideas on how to put together a blissful bedroom here.

If you don't have bedside tables maybe its time to invest in some? Many supermarkets sell nice looking but affordable furniture now and there are more and more cheaper homeware stores opening up all over the place — getting something you like doesn't have to be expensive. Alternatively you can check out second hand shops, or antique markets for some different or unusual.


Now its time to pick out the bits and bobs that you want to use or try out for daily self care. You may be feeling unsure about what you might need so here's some ideas and inspiration...

  • A feel-good book or magazine that inspires or soothes you, make sure it's something that leaves you feeling positive and/or comforted.
  • A scented candle or a diffuser that uses oils, go for relaxing smells like lavender in the evening or something citrus if you want to use it in the morning.
  • A rich and luxurious body cream/oil to treat your skin and senses.
  • A crystal to use for meditations and self healing — rose quartz is perfect for the bedroom!
  • A note book and pen to write down ideas, reflections and intentions.

You can also set the self care vibe by adding a plant - so good for purifying the air, a favourite picture or motivational quote and you can also have to hand something that can play music, so an iPod or tablet if you want or a radio, even your phone will work because so many of us have our favourite music downloaded there or use meditation apps, just be mindful of how you use it so less social media and more relaxation purposes.


This space will become your little self care shrine so finishing touches like lighting are important! We have touch lamps on our bedside table with three different light settings so your can dim or brighten by tapping the base — this is great for setting a certain kind of mood.

Love and care for this space regularly too, cleanse and charge your crystals often, dust and declutter weekly — too many books or crystals can create too much energy which will can cause just as many problems, think less is more when it comes to perfecting a relaxing vibe.


These great candles and this lamp.
This and this self care focused reads.
This perfect plant, and these fake ones if you've not got green fingers.
This fabulous crystal and these great motivational cards decks.
These glasses and this cute mug - for bedtime hydration.

*The item linked above are all ones I've sourced or used myself, this is not a sponsored post.

So now that you have created your perfect self care bedside set up the only thing you have left to do is to decide whether you are going to indulge in it in the morning or at night — or maybe both!

Let me know how you get on in the comments below or tag me in on social media with #myselfcarebedside 

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