Hey, I'm Karen the creator of 365 Pearls of Wisdom - LEARN, GROW, THRIVE!

I started this blog because I believe women deserve a dedicated space where they can focus on themselves by developing their knowledge and improving their wellbeing, giving them the tools to become their most authentic self. 

My blog is for women who are curious about living a life more in tune with who they are at the core, who seek ways to learn more about themselves and the world around them, who want to invest in their personal growth and feel empowered. When we have access to opportunities, information and resources that encourage us to grow, we thrive. 

Channeling well-known and loved quotes for inspired action 365 Pearls of Wisdom endeavours to inform, support and motivate by delivering wisdom, guidance and useful ideas connected to a way of life that will help you to feel liberated. Your knowledge is so powerful and is the key to a positive mindset, growing successfully and feeling abundant in your life.

It may not always feel easy to live in a way that feels authentic though, modern life and the pressures it brings up for women get in the way and I see many women around me stepping back from what they want and need in their life.

I know how this feels myself,  because in the past I've felt stuck, lost and confused by life too — career problems, family and relationship meltdowns, friendship woes, body image dramas and trouble with infertility, as well as suffering with my mental health, these are all things that have gotten in my way and held me back from the life I really wanted to live.

Then one day I stepped back and asked myself was this really what I wanted to show for my life? How would I feel if I looked back in 10, 20 or 30 years time and still saw what I see now?

This massively motivated me to change but I didn't know where to start so I started to search out anything that gave me more knowledge and information on self development, I read books and blogs about mindset, positivity and holistic lifestyles, I watched videos on careers, relationships and healthy living and I listened to meditations on confidence and inner strength - by consuming knowledge, ideas and information that was focused on the life I wanted I discovered who I really was inside and learnt how to bring that into my reality.

To find out more about why I created this blog you can start here.

I want to empower you to make some healthy decisions and confident changes in your life too and show you how self care and a positive mindset are important, life long skills to stay well and take care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. I want to share with you the practices, idea and actions that have helped me, and the ones that weren't so great too!

Here on the blog you will learn about all the different ideas and practices that myself, and many other women, use to keep ourselves healthy, resilient and building a life that's meaningful. These lifestyle hacks, tools and skills have helped us to pursue the right things that meet our daily needs, aligns with our values and support us to build resilience helping us over come many obstacles and live out what we really want from life.

Read more here about creating your Self Care Tool Kit

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