Monday, 15 May 2017

Pearl of Wisdom Number 13 - Keeping Buoyant

What do you do when your path in life starts to hit a few bumps? 
Do you float or sink to the bottom?

Well, many people struggle to keep calm and their head above water - including me at times - when the water starts to get a bit choppy.  I've have had, and will continue to have my fair share of times when crisis hits, drama unfolds, or even when life just gets unbelievably busy or chaotic. Most days now I can handle these situations well, I can keep myself afloat and keep swimming but there are times like recently when I sink incredibly low, when I can't come back up for air and for a while, I don't want to.

These are the times when I need to really dig deep into my emotional toolbox and deploy my go to self help strategies. I've learnt some amazing tips, tricks and self care practices over the last 10 years and these are what helps me to stay buoyant, they may not always work as quickly or effectively as I want them to at times but I have cultivated and crafted them to such a point that they are tailored to me and always work eventually.

Staying well, feeling calm and keeping lifted through the difficult times doesn't always come easy to many people though, a lot of people may not just consider doing certain things or putting a strategy in place to support them through a tough time so crumbling into heap is a given.

If this sounds like you then I have some wisdom for you today on how you can keep buoyant, when your life hits a hard time, that will keep you swimming and not sinking so read on...

Being intentional with how you look after your well being is everything, when things get crazy your mind and emotions get a big foggy, your unable to find the clarity you need and it can be hard to project forward so cultivating a plan can help keep you on track and focused on looking after yourself, writing your plan down is even better!

It's really helpful to think about these 4 things:

Looking after your body
  • What are you eating and is it serving your body in a positive way?
  • Are you moving your body regularly to realise those feel good endorphins?
  • Are you getting all the sleep you need? (this is a hard one if you have kids/deadlines)
Investing in your mind
  • What can you read to uplift you?
  • What are you doing that's just for you - taking a class, watching a movie?
  • Are you creating anything that feels good or you are passionate about?
Connecting with others
  • Who can you phone for a chat about how you feel?
  • Who can you meet up with that you know will lift you?
  • Who can you write to and pour your feelings out?
Giving Gratitude 
  • Write it down — can you start a journal or blog about it?
  • Speaking out load — can you share on social media or with a friend?
  • Thank yourself and others — how can you show this in a meaningful way?
To help you formulate yourself a well being plan that helps to keep you afloat when things get a bit crazy I've devised a little worksheet for you to down load and print off. Her you can personalise and create your own ideas, thoughts and goals to help you focus on feeling good or use the prompts above for inspiration.

I hope you find this useful, do share with me here or over on Instagram what you come up with or any other tip, tricks or ideas that help to keep you afloat and don't forget to tag me in your post!

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