Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Pearl of Wisdom Number 16 - Making Fresh Starts

Happy New Year!!

Oh wait, hold on - it's September right?

Ok, I'm not off my head and confused, I know it's September, god DO I KNOW it's September!!

This month is always a crazy one for my little family with birthdays and back to school and various other things unfolding. I often hear other people say though that September feels like new years to them, it feels like a new beginning or a fresh start, something about the summer ending and everyone getting back to a routine, especially if school and education appears somewhere in your life. Even the weather signals a change to us with the cold, wet days and darker evenings drawing in and the the need to go out and invest in a new seasonal wardrobe!

I've never gotten that before until this year, this year I have a total sense of life beginning again this week. We have a new family routine, I'm turning 40, I've cut my hours right down at work and and I'm venturing into the world of freelancing and being self employed, EVERYTHING is feeling pretty new and like a fresh start over here right now!

So with this in mind I feel very inspired to nurture some new habits and try out something different for myself. Inviting in change to your life isn't about hoping and wishing, it's about committing to get involved with making some changes no matter how scary they are and just observing how your life unfolds.

September can be all about change and this week I'm giving you inspiration on how to go about creating some positive changes and implementing some fresh starts in your life too, read on.

  • Audit your morning routine - is it working for you? How can you tweak it?
  • Join a gym, start a new yoga class or learn how to swim - get moving in some way.
  • Start a gratitude journal - jot down what small things brings you joy each day.
  • Swap your croissant for a breakfast smoothie.
  • Plan something uplifting for the coming winter months - sun holiday anyone?
  • Join a local book club, crafting class or language course.
  • Set your alarm 15 minutes early and do something positive to start your day.
  • Buy yourself new clothes with a different colour/patten/style that you normally wear.
  • Commit yourself to batch cooking and/or meal prep every Sunday.
  • Book tickets for concert, conference or talk about something you're passionate about.
  • Buy an academic diary, use it to organise yourself and plan an adventure.
  • Ditch negative friendships and relationships and enjoy some me time. 
  • Give your living space a mini make over with seasonal accessories or a repaint.

Need some extra inspiration to facilitate change, check out these links:

If it's a relationship detox that's most need in your life, check out this post from me on how loving yourself first is the most important relationship you need to focus on first or this post on how to ditch toxic friendships.

I hope you've taken some inspiration from above, a fresh start to the end of the year doesn't have to be grand, expensive or time consuming, it can be as little or as minimal as you want but it's a great way to break up any monotony you may be feeling in your life and inviting in change. Small positive changes can lead new experiences and new perspectives and it can motivate us to seek out our best lives, doesn't that sound like a joyful and inspiring way to end the year?

Let me know if you decide to shake things up a bit in the comments below, I'd love to know how you get on!

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