Monday, 8 January 2018

Capturing Confidence - A love note to yourself

If someone asked you what you loved about yourself what would you tell them?

You may be able to gush about all the things you love about yourself, or maybe you may have one or two things you feel good about and or for some this may be really difficult.

Which ever category you fall in to though it's really important to remind yourself often of the things that you do love about you because it's a great way of building confidence and self esteem.

We are always focusing on the bit we want to change and fix up, and you know what it's good to have goals and ambitions, I'm a strong believe that we are never a perfect version of ourselves because, hey - that would be boring right?! Plus I think it's healthy to cultivate an attitude of always evolving ourselves, we can always benefit from learning new things and growing our mind and our thoughts and opinions.

However when we place too much emphasis on forever changing and improving and don't spend the time to love and appreciate who we are we can end up place high expectations on ourselves. Feeling that you are never enough, that you should be different, that you can't do stuff or that you need to change yourself to gain the approval of others can be exhausting and a waste of your precious time and emotions - you deserve to feel loved by yourself for who you are, everyday!

This self love thing is not an easy task and doesn't come naturally to a lot of people. Life experiences can really influence our perception of ourselves and the people around us can also impact on this too. If you have been told you're not good then you may often end up thinking that way. If you feel insecure about your body or ability to do something than that can manifest and grow through other influences and with our obsession for social media our perception of our reality compared to others can be so warped and that grass is always greener syndrome can be toxic for our self love game.

But I have a little remedy for this!

In fact it's a little challenge - I want you spend the next 7 days writing yourself love notes!

Now you may be thinking "Oh god this is too hard, I can't think of anything!!"

But remember it's a challenge and these are good things in our life if we let them be, they help us grow and boost our confidence - yay! This is exactly what we want from our love notes.

So if you're struggling to get started here is an exercise to help: imagine you as your best friend or sister, take a step outside of yourself and write down the things you love in third person, and remember you only have to come up with one thing a day, and if you come up with more - excellent!

It's more fun to actually write yourself these love notes on pretty paper, save them each day and put them into a jar at the end of the week - and there you have it, you have created your own set of affirmation notes and you can dip into them whenever you need a bit of self love from yourself!

If you're someone who feels more confident in self love this is a great exercise to do too, having a stash of love notes to yourself will reinforce your confidence and self esteem also and we all have those bad days when someone or something knocks us sideways a little, having a go-to pick me up is always a bonus!

And if you're wondering here are some of the things I would write to myself on a love note...

I love... My resourcefulness · The way I express myself to others · My lust for trying new things · How I am able to bounce back after a tough patch · My new hair colour · The way laugh when I'm really amused · My instinct about others · My eyes and my feet · How patient I can be when I put my mind to it · My curiosity of how things work · The way I can make a meal out of 3 ingredients · My passion for helping others · How creative I can be when I put my mind to it · My mindful presence in my daughters life · The little things I do to show my husband I love him · My confidence when I feel good.

I'm dying to know what you would write on a love note to yourself so don't forget to share with me below or post your love note on social media and tag me in!

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