Monday, 21 May 2018

Pearl of Wisdom Number 19 - Small Changes to Make for a Bigger Impact

Do you ever play that game of what you would do with your life if you won the lottery?

I do...

Firstly it would be to buy a massive house, with an indoor swimming pool -  one here and one in Canada!

Then I would upgrade a million things like my car, phone, my wardrobe and book a trip around the world, donate to charity and then I would buy a really quirky piece of commercial property and develop it into a wellness and holistic lifestyle hub with cafes, meeting rooms, shops and workshop space - that's my dream!

It's nice to dream eh?!

What would yours look like?

Does it feel like a million miles away, something that wouldn't happen unless you won the lottery?

Well, what if you could start seeing some big exciting changes in your life, like today?

AND, what if I told you that you only had do something small to see that happen?


Then keep reading my friend!

People think it would take something massive to happen to them to see the life they dream of living materialise, but actually you have control over it right now and it's not winning the lottery or lump sum inheritance or being discovered or just a big dose of luck, no living the life you desire can be gently tickled into place by you and you can start right now.

You see change comes from change, and you have the power to change anything right?

Now I don't want you to get hung up or focus on making big changes - if you can manage them and feel ready to then go for it I say! Some of the best things that have happened in my life came from big scary changes, like when I gave up my job and home and moved down south to live with a man who I'd only known for 10 weeks, now that man in my husband and father of my kids! - However big changes is not for everyone and it takes time and courage to build up to them BUT the small changes, things that you feel more in control of - they can have just as big of an impact on your life - trust me!

Now I guess you're wondering what sort of thing I mean so here is some inspiration:

  • Change your route to work or if you travel by public transport get off a stop earlier, you never know how the different scenery may inspire you or bring into your world, you may discover new place, people or adventures.
  • Change your brands - like toothpaste, ketchup or those pair of jeans you always wear. Change in these repetitive things will give you a sense of freshness and newness, again inspiring creativity and feelings of being brave, different and unique.
  • Change what time you get up and this doesn't have to be really early, just 5 minutes earlier will make a positive impact and you can build up to it over time. I promise you though that even have those extra 5 minute will be transformational, you may have more time to drink your coffee in peace or take up yoga practice, cook your breakfast, phone your friend, write a chapter of a book, blow dry your hair, meditate, read a book, have sex with someone you love! The possibilities of generating some amazing in your life are endless!
  • Change how you communicate, this one is priceless because how we talk or interact with others has the biggest impact on our lives. If you are constantly fighting with someone or feeling at loggerhead with someone then have a good think about how you can communicate better, even if you think they are wrong, let go of your pride and make that change. If your parent think about how you communicate with your child, it doesn't matter what their age is, but how you talk to them and interact with them will impact their emotional and mental resilience for the rest of their life. I'm not saying you have to ignore bad behaviour or never get upset in this but it's something I've made a big effort with and it's transformed family life. It may also be that you need to be firmer with someone and set some boundaries (find out more about how to do this here). Finally you can also think about maybe writing, texting or calling someone more, or even less! And if you feel stuck with better communication there are some great books out there so visit your local bookshop's self development section.
  • Change how you treat yourself, because you deserve the best! This could be changing negative self talk or changing your physical health with a bit of gentle exercise, which will increase the positive hormones and help your body and organs to work better or making changes to your diet like swapping out sugars and processed food, and again just little changes here make a big impact, like avocado on your toast instead of jam. 
  • Change your morning or evening routine - this can be a really fun one to play around with too! Maybe take a shower at night instead of in the morning, get up earlier as I said before, change what TV show you watch, or book you read, what order you do things in the morning or when you workout, put your make up on or put on laundry. A daily change like this can feeling invigorating and you might find a new system that works better for your lifestyle. I also like to read about other peoples routines for inspiration on how i can make positive changes to mine.
  • Change the world around you, and this should be a must for everyone. Don't worry about big drastic statements, again the small changes make big impacts. For example change from cling film to beeswax wraps in the kitchen or glass dishes and ceramic pans instead of plastic tubs and coasted frying pans. Change your fruit, veg, dairy and meat to organic, even just a few of those products would be better. Change your plastic tooth brush and straws to a wooden tooth brush and paper straws. You could also think about donating some of your wages to a charity that you are passionate about or giving your time to a local organisation that mirrors your values, theses little changes in your lifestyle can be so powerful.

Now it's over to you, what changes could you make to your everyday life to inspire positive change?

Remember you can start small, keep a list or diary of things you want to do or try and maybe write down how it worked out, reflecting back on change is so helpful at giving us clarity for the future.

You never know what a small change you could make in your life will do for your hopes and dreams!

And don't forget to share them with me here or over on Facebook or Instagram!

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