Monday, 18 February 2019

Crystals for Spring - Gemma Guscott

Spring is just around the corner and we often feel that need to start cleansing and freshening up our house and environment, but focusing part of those spring clean rituals on wellbeing can be so uplifting too. You can read my thoughts on spring cleaning your mind, body and soul here and my personal picks for crystals I like to use in this season here.

This weeks guest poster Gemma Guscott from Emerald Sky Healing is also focusing on using crystals for spring too. Gemma talks about what crystal are ideal for using in the spring months, what to do to get the best out of them for you and how you can use them around your home - enjoy!

Monday, 11 February 2019

Pearl of Wisdom Guest Post Number 27 - Agata Galland

Today's Pearl of Wisdom guest post is written by Agata Galland from Eat and Bloom, it's focused on the relationship we have with food and how we can all nourish a healthy one that leaves us feeling

We all know that we must nourish and look after the relationships we create and have with others  parents, siblings, friends, partner, children… “Gotta nourish to flourish” as they say, and rightly so! So imagine how different your life would look if you didn't put any effort into cultivating those relationships you’re in? It all takes time and energy, of course, but what doesn’t? Plus, we all know it usually pays off  you get a happy family living in harmony, thoughtful and caring friends, a supportive partner and a balanced life.

Monday, 4 February 2019

Motherhood + Me - Laura Bowcutt

This Motherhood + Me mini blog series is all about the identity of women surrounding their experiences with becoming a mother, it touches on infertility, pregnancy, new motherhood and maternal mental health. 

Today's post is written by Laura Bowcutt, when Laura found out she was pregnant it wasn't the usual happy and exciting time that many women experience. Laura had just been through a massive change in her life and found it very confusing, stressful and even felt guilty, read on to hear her story.

Friday, 1 February 2019

5 Self Love things to try in February

February is the month most synonymous with love and all things romantic but whether you're in a relationship or not I whole heartedly believe that we should start to view it more as the month of SELF love and a positive relationship with ourselves!

So to get you in the mood for loving up on yourself — in the most tasteful way! - I've put together 5 things you can try out this month to boost your self worth and create your own self love success story!

n u m b e r  O N E 💗

Gift yourself something meaningful — don't wait for somebody else to make you feel special or spoilt, take responsibility for those feeling yourself and treat yourself to a present! I recommend not being too flashy or frivolous about it though, take some time to reflect on what would really bring you some joy — a much sought after book or a necklace with your birth stone? Maybe gift yourself classes to learn something new or go for something like a hair make over at your favourite salon. The point behind this gesture is to feel really uplifted and cared for by yourself.

n u m b e r  TWO 💗

Write yourself a love letter — pouring your heart out on paper about the positive feelings you have for yourself can leave you feeling all kinds of loved up with yourself! Now this may seem like a tricky or uncomfortable one to start with but it can be so cathartic if you push yourself to do it. Start by choosing out some gorgeous writing paper that you feel attracted to, I would even indulge in a fancy looking pen too! Next try to imagine yourself as a friend or a sister rather than yourself, step out of your negative view or the stories you tell yourself and focus in on the bits that are positive, special, unique and fun. You may find it easier to write them as a list too. Putting into words the things you love about you can be hard but just try writing out one thing and see if you're inspired to write more!

n u m b e r  T H R E E 💗

Try out a new self care activity — you can really have fun with this one and let it last the whole month through! So as not to get bored and really explore some new ideas I recommend picking out 4 different self care practices you haven't tried before and spend each week this month trying them out! For example: morning meditations, crystal baths, bedtime yoga, sugar free snacks, new self love book, essential oils massage, staying in with your favourite movie (if you tend to go out all the time), drinking an extra pint of water, hypnotherapy, weekly gym pass, phone a different friend each day. The list is endless so brainstorm some ideas — maybe there's something you've been wanting to try out for a while so here's your opportunity!

n u m b e r  F O U R 💗

Date yourself - February is the perfect month to spend dating yourself, this means taking your self off on to places you always wanted to go or visiting old favourites, alternatively it can also be book marking time at home for just you to do the things you enjoy and lift you up. Getting out of the mindset of needing to be with someone else to be social is positive because being comfortable with your own company is paramount to your self worth, esteem and confidence. So where could you go and what could you do? Cinema, coffee shop, art gallery, country walk — again there are many things you can brainstorm here. You could even take it to the next level and book a holiday or weekend away just for yourself!

n u m b e r  F I V E 💗

Gratitude ceremony — this is a great idea that you can do yourself or maybe gather up your friends for too! February's full moon falls on the 19th and it's the perfect time to give thanks for everything in life that is going well or giving you a positive vibe, because gratitude attracts abundance and helps us to see that we have everything we need already — anything extra is just a bonus! Gather up any crystals, candles or meaningful objects that you feel drawn towards or help you to feel good. Set aside a time when you can focus and not be distracted. Light your candles, put on some music that soothes you, set out your crystals if you have them and you can even pour yourself something to drink that feels good too, and then start to write out the things that you feel grateful for, don't forget to thank them as you move on to the next. If you're with friends share them with each other and then finish of with a meditation or some silent time to reflect on what your wrote down. Remember you can make this ceremony whatever you want to be, adapt the ideas here or keep it simple. 

So there you have it, 5 self love things to try out this month! Remember this doesn't hinge on whether you are in a relationship or not, this is about focusing in on the love you have for yourself and validating it rather than seeking this from another person.

I would love to know which ones you try out so don't forget to share with me on Instagram or Facebook or send me an email telling me your favourite at 

Lastly, do you know a someone who could do with a bit more self love in their life? Then send this blog post their way!

Monday, 28 January 2019

Her Wisdom - Kim Palmer

I really excited to introduce you to Kim Palmer and welcome her into my HER WISDOM series! Back in the summer last year I entered a competition through The Early Hour blog to win a free 6 month mentorship with Kim who is an entrepreneur and co-founder (along with Annie Ridout from The Early Hour) of the wellbeing app for women Clementine

Monday, 21 January 2019

Capturing Confidence - Overcoming shyness

Today's guest poster is Rebecca Morgan from Lawyer in the Making and she's talking all about struggling with being shy and social anxiety. In this post she writes about her personal experiences with being shy and her top tips on handling it when faced with social gatherings/events.
It’s okay to be shy… 
When I tell people I am shy, they never believe me.  If you look on my social media you will see I attend lots of events, speak at conferences and travel the world with my job. 
Yet I really am shy. 

Monday, 14 January 2019

Pearl of Wisdom Number 25 Guest Post - Embracing Change

Change, we think, happens in big blockbusting Hollywood movie style moments.  
We quit the job - Jerry Maguire style; we drop the mic on all the unsaid in a relationship, we walk out of the door, we kick the habit, we do a 180.  And although this does happen, these moments are in the minority. They account for maybe 1% of our lived experience. 

Monday, 7 January 2019

Motherhood + Me - Georgina Howard

Well, I'm officially on maternity leave right now but over the next few months I have a collection of beautifully written blog post from some amazing guest posters. There will still be the usual Pearls of Wisdom but written by someone else perspective, posts on confidence and wisdom, plus my HER WISDOM series and I'm also introducing a mini guest poster series which I'm kicking off with today.

Motherhood + Me is all about the identity of women surrounding their experiences with becoming a mother, it touches on infertility, pregnancy, new motherhood and maternal mental health. 

Monday, 31 December 2018

Wisdom + Wellbeing - Hello New Year

Confession time - I'm actually writing this post at the beginning of December!

Why am I doing this?

Because just maybe I might have a newborn baby in my arms right now and because of this likelihood I am being super organised and writing my blog post before he arrives!

However my thoughts and intention about this coming year are the same right now as they will be when you read this — unless something crazy has happened in-between!

Monday, 17 December 2018

Her Wisdom - Louise Budd

I have to say that Instagram has bought so many amazing people into my life this year and Louise Budd from Tiny Acorn Mighty Oak is one of them! We have a shared love of crystals and time spent on a positive wellbeing, Louise is an artist who uses her talents to inspire and nourish others through her work and her online shops has so many beautiful things that will uplift even your darkest days! She has been a great supporter to me this year and I'm excited to introduce her and her little nuggets of wisdom to you today!