Monday, 20 March 2017

Pearl of Wisdom - Number 12 Finding Happiness

Who wants to be happy - you?
Well, that's a stupid question really because we all want to be happy right?

I mean that's the ultimate goal, we just want to be happy in life, we want to feel joy and contentment and a wave of pure bliss when we wake up each day and when we reflect back over our life and who we have become...

But what if that isn't ringing true for you right now?

What can you do about it?

For me, Eleanor nailed it right here because I whole heartedly agree that happiness isn't an instant fix or something that you can attain overnight. It's also not something that someone can hand to you or create by simply flicking a switch and it's most definitely not found through status, image or bank balance and lastly it will never be yours if you choose negative, self defeating behaviour.

Let's also stop for a minute and understand that happiness isn't permanent, that it ebbs and flows, that sometimes it will be cascading all over your life and other times it will be small, simple or even non existent but thankfully, it will always be something that you can search out and find again. It's also something that you will have to strive for always and seek out in many ways, and even start to be brave about because happiness can sometimes mean pushing our boundaries, eek!!!

I believe that the power for creating and living a happy life is within our hands and our hands only, that we get to define it and we can touch it anytime we want, if we know how.

But knowing where to get started on bringing some of that happy sunshine into your life can feel overwhelming though, I know this because I've felt like that at times myself, and I still connect with so many women who are desperate to find their happy place in life.

So to get you started here is my Little Guide to a Happier Life!

  • Create, create, create - moments, routines, opportunities and connections. Wouldn't it be great if we could wave a magic wand and get instant happiness? Well in reality we know that's not true but often people fall into the trap of just sitting back and hoping, wishing and even waiting for a fulfilled, happy life to knock on the door and doing that my friends will not make you happy and because the meaning of happiness is unique to each of us it's more likely to come your way when you get out there and create a chance and a space for it to grow...
Ask yourself what can I create/put in place that will build on my happiness goals?
  • Take care of your body - it will thank you for it! A happy life has got to involve looking after your physical self. If your body isn't working from lack of sleep, feeling run down, piling on the calories or just the aches and pains of neglect then this will always act as a barrier for you achieving what you want to and ultimately put your health at risk.
Ask yourself what changes can I make to optimise how my body works/my health?
  • Don't forget your mind and soul - give gratitude, express your feelings good or bad and practice self care. Finding just one small way to nurture your mind and your soul will give you an instant happiness boost and this will start to pour over the other areas of your life too.
Ask yourself what can I do to practice better self care?
  • Eliminate all that is toxic - one thing at a time. It can really feel overwhelming to tackle all the issues in our life that are having a negative effect but by ignoring them too you'll run the risk of compromising your overall wellbeing. By breaking down the bits of your life that feel uncomfortable into a smaller action plan you're more likely to climb that mountain of eliminating them and forming some healthy and positive habits or shedding the toxic baggage.
Ask yourself what can I start doing to cut free the bits that bring me down?
  • Balance between dreams and reality - shoot for stars, tiny steps, create a plan. Allowing yourself to dream big and have goals can feel scary because you will always feel the weight of failure sat on your shoulders. However if you don't allow yourself have aspirations then you may find yourself stuck in a rut and unable to move forward and this can really compromise your feelings of happiness and contentment. Finding a balance satisfies your practical and pessimistic train of thought but doesn't quash your hopes and desires. 
Ask yourself what can I plan into my year that helps me to take a step towards my goals?

Don't stop investing in yourself - happiness is not a destination, it is a journey. 

So where will you start today? Don't forget to share your happiness journey with others, you never know who you will inspire and if this little guide is helpful come share with me too over on Instagram or Twitter or leave a comment below!

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