Monday, 20 November 2017

Capturing Confidence - 5 easy tweaks to boost yours today

What's your confidence weak point?
Body Image?
Talking to new people or public speaking?
Work skills?
Or maybe it's making big decisions with your finances or living space?
Whoever we are we all have something that we feel anxious about, that we wish we could be more confident in. 

Last year I put together a survey (which you can read more about here) and sent it out into the universe and was completely taken back by the responses, I found that women were generally not living their best life because of the lack of confidence they felt and this was disrupting their relationships, work life and self worth.

So what can we do about this?

How can we help ourselves and each other to raise those confidence levels?

Well, I've worked with many women in the past around boosting confidence and self esteem and these tweaks, which are so easy to try out and implement seem to help.

  • Find your confidence Mantra - A little phrase or saying that gives you a boost goes a long way, you may feel silly or unsure doing this at first but trust me it works. I like to use "I'm full of love, I'm full of wisdom, I am full of joy" When I enter into any unknown situation, if I feel nervous or anxious I repeat it in my head and take a few deep breathes - it really helps!

  • Compliment someone else - Definitely try this one, not only are you paying forward a confidence boost to someone else but the act of being kind and thoughtful towards that person lifts your own confidence vibrations too - a double hit! So if you're genuinely touched by another person in any way at all, let them know.

  • Find your feel good thing - What makes you feel good to wear? A favourite outfit, pair of shoes, shade or lips stick or earring? Have a go-to item you can put on when you need a boost of confidence can work wonders, it can even be a luck charm like a crystal you put in your pocket or bag.

  • Celebrate your success - We feel good when we be believe in ourselves, are abilities, talent, knowledge and self worth, even when life get's tricky we trust ourselves to handle it the best we can — this is confidence. This feeling grows when acknowledge and celebrate the success in our lives. What's even more important to remember here is that success looks different to everyone, you should be defining it for yourself, so when you feel good about something you said, did, learnt or achieved, celebrate that. A lovely way to do this is by putting up pictures around your home of experiences and events when you felt good about yourself or carry a picture in your bag of a time when you felt confident.

  • Find your self compassion - The best and quickest way to do this is to treat yourself to something nice, a soothing bath, a cream cake and a coffee, a bunch of flowers or new book. Treat yourself like you would a love one because doing something special for yourself will immediately make you feel good, which has an awesome knock on affect for your confidence!

Having some quick fixes to hand when your confidence dips is a sure fire way to ensure that you don't let any situation overwhelm or get the better of you. Some of these ideas may work for you and others may not feel so helpful or natural to implement into your life but have a go and see if one, or more, resonate with you — so which one will you try first?

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