Monday, 18 December 2017

Pearl of Wisdom Number 17 - Christmas Giving

With only a week left until Christmas day, how are you feeling about it?

Hate it and find it a difficult time of the year to get through?

Or maybe the festive season brings about an ambivalent state of mind?

Love it, but sometimes feel drained or overwhelmed by the whole thing?

I could be wrong but Christmas, and the run up to the end of year,  normally brings about one of these feelings in most of us,  so which one do you fit under?

Having to manage awkward, uncomfortable or just niggly feelings can be a bit bah humbug for us all, even more so if you feel extra pressure at this time of the year so maybe approach this season with a fresh, different out look?

"How can I do that then?!" I hear you cry - well, here's how, and I think it's a pretty special and awesome way that may just change how you completely feel for the next 2 weeks, and beyond...

This Christmas, give the gift of time and serve someone else - that's it!

It's simple, it can be so easy and so worthwhile! 

You can get as creative and imaginative as you want, you can go as big or small as you want, you can do it just once or over and over again, whatever you fancy. Stuck for inspiration? Here's a whole bunch coming your way:

  • Bake mince pies for your neighbour or go big and take a whole box full to a homeless hostel or elderly people's home.
  • Donate unwanted toys to the local hospital or simply buy an extra one when you're Christmas shopping and drop off at a toy collection point. Argos are collecting pre-loved toys, you can take a toy to local Salvation Army, organisations like Barnado's and Action for Children do toy appeals and don't forget to check at your local supermarket who often collect toys for local charities.
  • Take or friends or family member who is feeling low out for a coffee or drink or have them over and cook a festive three course meal. 
  • Offer to rake up the leaves in a garden for someone who isn't so mobile or take them Christmas shopping.
  • Babysit for free for friends or family who need a break from being parents or take their kids out for the day!
  • Help your grandparents or elderly friends wrap presents.
  • Offer to be the designated driver for your work Christmas party.
  • If your visiting someone else house for Christmas dinner ask to bring the starter, dessert or crackers and have fun choosing or creating it yourself.
  • Invite someone to Christmas/Boxing day lunch that you wouldn't normally ask, you never know who might need you to reach out.
  • Help your loved ones who maybe be grieving for a child, parent, sibling or a friend remember that special someone at this time of year, be brave and ask them how you can support them to do this, if your grieving too this may be something that also helps you.
  •  Design and make Christmas wreaths or decorations for family and friends.
  • Give 10 percent of your December wage to charity, or simply put a few pennies in the charity box next time you see one.
  • If you have children read them a few Christmas stories on Christmas Eve before bed and create a new tradition or go big and read them one every night leading up until the big day!

I hope these ideas are enough to get you thinking and maybe  involve your friends and family too. We can get so consumed with what we need and want at Christmas we often forget to look outside our bubble, reaching out to others can only bring more cheer in to your life and keep you humble and full of positivity. 

P.S. - I'd love to here more ideas and inspiration to add to the list so leave me them in the comments section below!


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