Monday, 5 February 2018

Crystals for Self Care - A Beginners Guide

I've been using crystals for self care and healing for almost 3 years now, I remember the first time I really thought about buying one, I picked up a lovely little Amethyst crystal at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto and I just knew it was meant to come home with me.

Funnily enough my then 4yo daughter was standing right next to me and delving into the pile of crystals as well, she found one that spoke to her and asked me if she could have one too, and that's where our love of crystals began.

Over the last few years I have grown my collection (and my daughters!), and each one of them has a little place around our home to live when I'm not using them. I have also collected books on crystals and how to use them and right now I'm taking an audio course on crystal healing too — its fair to say that I am big on using these beautiful gems in my life to boost my self care and raise my vibrations!

I really love sharing my favourite crystals Instagram especially the ones I've been using lately and I've had a few people reach out recently and ask me more about crystals and how I use them so I've put together a little crystal guide for beginners. Here I'm talking about how I got started with using them, how I look after them and how I use them now, as well as some links to further resources.

Getting started

Using crystals is a lovely way to feel your vibrations lifted, it's a great thing to incorporate into your self care routine and manifestation ritual — if you're thinking that all sounds a little bit too full on a woo woo just bare with me, I'm going to make this simple and easy for you!

Which stones do I pick?

Lot's of people have told me they have been gifted a crystal lately so you may already have one lying about. If not, here are my top 3 that I think any newbie should have in their collection to get themselves started with.

Rose Quartz - Self love, Relationships, Compassion, Creativity, Forgiveness

Amethyst - Balance, Calming, Protection, Sleep Issues, Positive Change

Citrine - Abundance, Creativity, Positive Energy, Studying and Problem Solving

How do I use them?
When I first started collecting and using my crystals I just simply carried them around in my pocket to give me a boost in the desired feeling or energy that I needed in that moment. But as time has gone on I've started to use them to meditate, to bring energy into different corners of my house, with tarot readings, in my bath, with the moon cycles and to set certain intentions. 

My daughter uses them to feel calmer, channel negative emotions, aid her sleep and feel more confident, she does this by holding them in her hand and breathing deeply or slipping them under her pillow before bed.

A mini meditation

Take your crystal in your hand or place it at the centre of your chest, take 3 deep breathes. As you start to relax imagine the colour of your crystal pouring out of your crystal and filling your body up with the energy or feeling that you desire from it. Think about it flowing through your mind and touching your thoughts and acts, visualise how it will weave itself through your day or the following hours or events will unfold, end your meditation by taking 3 more deep breaths.

If I'm meditating like this I normally put of some music to relax me too.

A mini manifestation 

On the next new moon, take a piece of paper and pen and write out 3 things you would like to see manifest and the next few weeks — be as detailed as you like, 3 things you would like to let go from your life and the 3 names of people you would like to see something have something positive unfold for them. Fold the paper in hand and place on top of it the crystal or crystals you think will help serve the best.

How do I take care of them?

Whenever you receive or buy a new crystal its good to give them a bit of a cleanse, you can do this simply buy putting them under cold running water for a few minutes. You can also leave them in good quality salt over night, burry them in the earth for a few days or do a smoke cleanse with sage.

To keep them charged and full of energy and life put your crystals out under a full moon, either on your window sill or out in the garden — do check the weather first because some crystals can be damaged by water.

How can I learn more?

Over the years as well as talking to and learning from other crystal lovers and healers I have come across a few books and websites that have been my go-to places for more information and insight, so here I wanted to share my most favourite with you.

Check out their websites and blogs, follow them on Instagram and some of these ladies even have amazing books full of knowledge and ideas on using crystals and more.

I would love to more about your crystals and how you are using them so don't forget to share in the comments down bellow or use the social media buttons on the top of the page to find me there and tag me in.

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