Friday, 14 September 2018

September Self Care

The weather has shifted, the season has changed, the planets have changed and so has the moon cycle, the children are all back at school and I feel like I finally have some time to breath and take stock...

To get myself focused on a new routine and feeling full of vitality I'm going to embrace a little extra self care this month.

For me I feel like September is a fresh start, almost like another chance at New Year, and it feels natural to re-evaluate, set new goals, plan the final few months and recalibrate a little. Over the summer holidays it's been hard to find time where I can put myself first a little and nourish my inner self so now is the time for me to have that back again.

Maybe you feel like you need a little extra self care this month now that summer is over?

So I'm sharing with you what my self care moments will look like these next few weeks...

I've had a subscription to In the Moment magazine for almost a year now and I love it! Snuggling down for 10 minutes on the sofa with a cuppa and diving into an article is like a big hug for me and I'm making more time to do this.

Now that I have a bit of extra time to myself I'm getting back into studying as studying is a massive chunk of self care for me. Currently I'm completing my Crystal Reading course and can't wait to start using this as a self guidance tool as well as offering this service to other out there too!

I am finally starting my antenatal yoga classes this month and can't wait! I practiced yoga with my first and it helped massively and this time round not only will it help my body to support my pregnancy better but give me a bit of time out from the rest of the world!

Who else overindulged a bit this summer?

I know I did and being pregnant has always been an excuse for me to eat more sugar than I normally would so now I need to cut back and think about what my body needs to stay nourished again. I have some lovely pregnancy cookbooks I'm going to delve into and create a little weekly meal/snack planner for myself.

I don't know about you but I find a good heart to heart is so good for my soul and wellbeing so I'm making sure I catch up with the people who lift and nourish me this month, whether thats a FaceTime date or a catch up over coffee I'm making time to schedule some talking therapy in with the people I love. I also have some plans to meet up and connect with some awesome women who share some common interests with me in blogging/business and wellbeing, spending time with others who share your passions is great self care.

Of course my two great passions crystals and essential oils will naturally fall into all of this and both tick all the mind, body and soul boxes!

There are some great crystals you can use in the autumn months but my main focus this September will be on Orange Calcite, great for vitality and inspiration whist bringing calm and balancing all the different energies. Also my beloved Citrine, known mostly for bringing in abundance but also great for creativity, studying, self esteem and shedding toxic emotions.

My physical energy and mental/emotional energy can feel rather exhausted at times also due to pregnancy and my ability to retain information and focus on task is rather poor right now, plus with a seasonal shift unfolding my mindset and mental health are take a battering too. Essential oils have really helped me out here in the past and I'm using them daily right now to stay lifted in all areas. I personally use doTERRA oils and their Peppermint and Wild Orange mixed together is doing the trick, I'm also really loving their Motivate blend as a daily alternative too!

Last of all when all else fails or I haven't managed to devote as much time as I'd like to my self care I'm going to just gift myself a quick comfort fix or Earl Grey tea (my new pregnancy obsession) and meditation - I'm really enjoy the Clementine App right now, it's only available for iOS users at the moment but they're working on a version for android too. Its full of lovely, gentle hypnosis tracks that you can sit and listen to for an added boost, my favourite one right now is the Power Nap one — great for afternoon naps and relaxation!

Now some of these things I would normally do on a daily or weekly basis but I feel that I need an extra boost of them right now so I'm purposely shaking up my usual routine and scheduling some extra time to build on them.

Having all this in place feels like a big hug, or a warm jumper to keep me cosy while the autumn starts to unfold. My mind is boosted, my mood is lifted and I find myself having more patience and a flow of motivation and creativity too.

And to ensure that I really get to top up my emotional and mental wellbeing in this way I reach out for support too, for example asking grandparents for help and swapping parenting roles with my husband — we both make sure we schedule in some "me time" for ourselves each week while the other one takes on full parenting duties.

I will also make sure that any time off this month is spent just doing nothing rather than running around trying to do all the things, now is the time just be for a few weeks.

So I hope you've found this useful and inspirational?! The products I've mentioned in this post are my personal favourites, in no way is this a sponsored post, these are just things that I have found that really help and support me.

As always I'd love to know how you practice self care or what products and technics you use, you can leave a comment here or drop me a line at too!

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