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New Year Wisdom and Inspiration - 5 Alternatives to setting resolutions

Photo by Elisha Terada on Unsplash

These days new years resolutions get quite a bad rap, it's seem as if it's not the done thing to set them anymore!

You may hear people say:
"They're unrealistic!"
'They put too much pressure on us!"
"They set us up to fail!"

And my personal favourite - "Why make a resolution in January when you can change your life whenever you want!" - which is very true and significant!

However it seems we can't escape the draw of making a change or starting a fresh when the 1st of January rolls around and instead now we hear people setting intentions and choosing words to reflect or theme their year ahead - so wouldn't some more alternative inspiration be welcome?

Personally I'm a fan of the new year, new beginnings thing. After the excess of Christmas and the feeling of another year behind us I feel the promise of a new year is the chance to reflect on what has been and get some clarity and focus on what you want to see unfold over the 12 months that lie ahead, after all wishing and hoping doesn't often bring us what we want or need so being more intentional and proactive stands us a better chance of living our best life.

I do believe resolutions can be positive if they're made in a smart way that is specific and realistic but the ones that you make that go like this....

"I want to loose weight"
"I want to run a marathon"
"Im going to give up smoking"

These are the ones that set you up to fail and leave you feeling like rubbish!

So if you are choosing resolutions break them down, get specific and try and give them a fun element.

But if you fancy something new and different then I have some great alternatives for you instead of setting resolutions.

As I said before so many people are now talking about setting intentions or choosing their buzz words for the year and you may be thinking that this feels more like something that is in line with who you are and how you want to move into this next year. You may already be figuring these out for yourself or you maybe wondering how the heck you go about doing this - how exactly do I set an intention or a word for the year?! It can almost feel like too much pressure and the bottom line is that making positive changes should feeling inspiring and motivational!

Photo by Elisha Terada on Unsplash

So here is my top 5 alternatives that can help bring about some new years cheer in your life and set you up for a happy and healthy year ahead...

1. Meditate with Crystals to get clear on your goals
2. Use a journal to mind map your wishes for the coming year
3. Create a Vision Board
4. Set aside a few days in January to do a big clean up and clear out
5. Set monthly intentions with the new moon

All this week I will be positing on Instagram about how I am using each of these ideas to create some intentions for myself this year so follow along to find out more on how you can use them to get set for positive year ahead too.

If you want to try meditating or setting intentions with crystal but don't have one to hand you can buy them online from She's Lost Control, I've linked to a clear quartz here to get you started!

Are you setting resolutions this year?
Or do you have any other ideas or rituals you want to share? Either way I'd love to hear them — so pop them in the comments below or get in touch at 

H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R  E V E R Y O N E ! 


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