Monday, 2 July 2018

Crystal Wisdom - Crystals for Summer

The summer is now upon us — what are you dreaming about?

Holidays, sandy beaches, picnics in the park, BBQ's and a cocktail or two?

I'm guessing these may be at the forefront of your mind right now because they're the things in life that give us that all important feel good factor when the temperature gets warmer but it's not always easy to live them out when you are depending on money/weather/other people to fulfil them.

There is another way though that you can raise your vibrations over these next few weeks — with a crystal or two instead.

Lots of people — including me, see summer as a time to step back and recharge and get themselves ready for a fresh start in September but getting the time for a restorative getaway isn't always possible so what can you do for yourself at home that will help you feel refreshed and recharged through these summer months?

Invest in some crystal self care!

So here are my top picks for this season and why I think they can help you take care of your wellness this summer...

Clear Quartz - This is a lovely crystal to help your energise and refresh through the summer months, it inspires you to look to the future, build courage for new beginnings and take on transformation which is perfect for anyone who is starting something new in September. I can also help give direction, clarity and reveal new paths for anyone who feels a bit stuck. Clear Quartz also lightens and brightens up our life, it amplifies the power of other crystals and you'll find no problem programming it your wishes and desires.

Turquoise - If you're going on holiday this summer this crystal is perfect giving protection for travel and against accidents, worn as jewellery Turquoise can also protect you from negativity and be a guide for truth and integrity. This stone is perfect for inspiring you to take action in your community and get involved with worth while projects in your area as well as inspiring action on environmental concerns and worldwide issues.

Rose Quartz - This is the crystal for you if holidays can be a stressful time with families, promoting strong and loving relationships with ourselves and others and cultivating compassion and forgiveness too. It can heal a broken heat from any summer romance that may have gone wrong or attract a new one to you instead. It's not all about relationships and romance either because Rose Quartz is good at seeking out and attracting a kinds of new things in your life and promotes creativity and imagination too!

Aventurine - If you're taking exams right now or going back to summer school then this stone is great to have by your side. Maybe you taking on a new role in your life in the next few months or getting involved with group activities? Well, Aventurine inspires leadership and forging a new way forward, plus it will help you to maintain motivation and creativity, work on some new goal and stay firmly grounded at the same time. What's more is it will deter you from wasting time on activities or situations that distract or waste your precious time and energy!

So how can I actually use these stones in my daily life to manifest these energies I hear you say!

Here are some ideas

  • First program your crystal by holding it in your hand and set your intentions.
  • Wear your crystals - find jewellery with your intended or desired crystal in it.
  • Meditate and place your crystal on your chakra that needs some help.
  • Pop a crystal in your bath and let it's energies do their thing while you relax.
  • Carry it around in your pocket or purse where every you go.
  • Pop it on your desk when you're planning or creating at work.
  • Keep it on your bedside table on top of your books or journal.

These are just a few to get you started, if you would like some more ideas you can follow me on Instagram or email me at and if you have your own crystal practices I would love if you shared them in the comments below! 

Plus join me on the 21st July to learn more about using crystals at my Crystals for Self Care workshop in Worcester, Worcestershire - for details click here.

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